Solent Kite Flyers

About The Club


Solent Kite Flyers was formed in 1994 to provide a club for kite flyers in Southern Hampshire, the name reflecting that most members at the time lived within a few miles of The Solent, the name given to the stretch of sea that separates the Isle Of Wight from the mainland.


The SKF logo also reflects the connection with the Solent, it is created by overlaying a delta shaped kite over the Solent area and modifying it slightly, as you can see in images below.

Map of The SolentSFK Logo


Idol Fish

SKF Idol Fish

The club have purchased 3 Idol fish designed by Robert Van Weers, to reflect our connections with the sea. These fish had their first public showing at the 2006 Portsmouth Kite Festival.

Wind Sock

SKF Wind Sock