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Membership Details and Consitution


Membership fees cover the current 12 month period between each AGM which is held in October. If you join a month before the AGM then your membership will be carried over to the next 12 months. Membership fees include full liability insurance.

The current membership fees are:

  • Individual £12
  • Family £18

You can download a copy of the membership form, which is in PDF format.

You can download the following constitution as a PDF file.

Constitution of the SOLENT KITE FLYERS

Revised at SKF 5th AGM

1. NAME: The club shall be called the “Solent Kite Flyers” (flyers).

2. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the Flyers shall be the promotion of all aspects of kiting and the safe flying and construction of all types of kites.

3. COMMITTEE: the Flyers shall be managed by a Committee of at least three members comprising of a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM in each year and shall remain in office until the following AGM subject to termination of office by resignation of otherwise. The retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members onto the Committee

4. MEMBERSHIP: There shall be three categories of Members of the Flyers: Ordinary Members, Family Members and Junior Members.

5. AGM: An AGM of the Flyers shall be held in every year not later than the first day of November to transact the following business:
a) to receive and if approved adopt a statement of the Flyers accounts to 1 September in that year.
b) To appoint the members of the Committee.
c) To deal with any matter which the Committee or member desire to bring before the members. Notice of convening the AGM shall be sent to the members not less than Fourteen days before the meeting. Proposals to amend the Constitution should be submitted to the Secretary not less than seven days before the meeting.

6. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS: A Special General Meeting may be convened by the committee at any time, notice of which shall be given to members at least fourteen days beforehand. A Special meeting of the members may be convened by any member with the support of at least two other members at any time, notice of which shall be given to the members at least fourteen days beforehand. For this purpose only, each family membership shall be regarded as a single member.

7. a) QUORUM: At Committee Meetings three shall be a quorum. At General Meetings at least a quarter of the full members must be in attendance to form a quorum. A resolution proposed shall be deemed passed and binding if a majority vote in favour thereof.
b) CHAIRPERSON OF MEETINGS: The Chairperson of the Flyers shall preside at every meeting of the Flyers. If she/he is not present then the members shall choose any other member to act as Chairperson at the meeting.
c) VOTING: Each ordinary or junior member present shall have one vote upon every motion and in the case of equality of votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote. Family members will each have one vote for each member present up to a maximum of two votes per membership

8. ALTERATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION OR RULES: The Committee members of the Flyers in General Meeting shall have the power to alter the Constitution and Rules. Following such a meeting a copy of the revised Constitution and Rules shall be sent to all members.

9. RETIREMENT: A member wishing to leave the Flyers may do so at any time, but membership fee will not be refunded.

10. ENROLMENT: The Secretary will furnish all new members with a copy of the Constitution and will require him/her to undertake in writing to abide by them. Any new member shall be given the next available position on the membership list.

11. POWERS: All matters concerning the conduct and activities of the flyers shall be decided by the members in general meeting save: The Committee shall have the power without first referring to the members in General Meeting to buy any item considered essential to the needs of the Flyers.

12. CHEQUES: The authorised signatories on the cheques drawn on the Flyers bank accounts shall be any two of the following: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and one other nominated Committee member (e.g. events secretary)

13. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all General meetings and shall present this in the newsletter. Minutes shall also be kept of all Committee Meetings.

14. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Flyers and shall make up the annual statement of accounts and balance sheet of the Flyers to 1 September in each year which shall be presented to the members at the AGM. The accounts will then be made available for audit id so required.

15. EVENTS SECRETARY: The Events Secretary shall be responsible for arranging all the flyers formal activities and is the flyers safety advisor.

16. SAFETY: All member should act courteously and responsibly when flying. (If in any doubt as to what safe flying constitutes please refer to a Committee member). They shall read the Safety and Courtesy notes which were given them upon becoming members and take special note of the following:
a) do not fly any higher than 60 metres; unless covered by special Civil Aviation Authority (i.e. For a Festival).
b) within 5 kilometres of an airfield.
c) Near overhead power-lines or in thundery weather.
All members present are responsible for ensuring safety at all formal flying events. NOTE: Flyers activities include flying all types, sizes and styles of single and multiple line kites along with kite traction. Please note that Flyers Public Liability insurance d does not extend/cover members participating in kite traction, kite jumping or other dangerous activities and therefore these should be covered by the individuals own insurance or by membership of specific activities own club or governing body.

17. EXPULSION: The Committee in General Meeting shall have the power to expel any member who shall offend against the Constitution of the Flyers or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the Committee render them unfit for membership of the Flyers.

18. COSTS: The amount of the annual subscription payable by ordinary, family and junior members shall be decided by the members in General Meeting.

19. REVENUE: Should any payment or prize be made to the Flyers, or any group of its members for any purpose related to the objective of the Flyers the same shall be deemed the Flyers property.

20. WINDING UP: On winding up of the Flyers , any residual monies after the settling of all debts shall be paid to the Kite Society of Great Britain.

21. P.L.I (Public Liability Insurance) cover for Solent Kite Flyers members is provided annually to paid-up members under the terms set out by the insurance company and SKF. Safety rules, the cost and terms of the policy to be reviewed by the Committee as required and at each AGM.